Bringing meaning back to hip hop.


Aubin Driese (pronounced "Aw-bin Dree-zee") was born on October 26, 1992 on the East side of Madison, WI. As long as he can remember he has been writing and creating music from the heart, music that is written with a purpose, music that comes so naturally it seems like stardom is his destiny. Before even finishing his first song he was already dreaming of sharing his thoughts with the world. And although stardom may seem inevitable for the young artist, his true intention is to fulfill his dream of spreading hope and positivity, while maintaining a real persona. He knows that the industry today is watered down, with most artists lying through their teeth, rapping about topics that are irrelevant to the masses, or are copycats afraid to break the mold. But breaking the mold is Aubin's whole intention and part of a larger vision to encourage people to be proud of who they are and always believe in theirself. To bring this vision to fruition, at the age of 16 he saved up enough money to purchase his own studio, and has been recording music ever since. The first project to ever be released by Aubin was released on March 14th, 2012, titled "Almost Famous" -- a project that began almost immediately after purchasing his studio. But that was only the beginning. Since then he has released two more projects (both of which can be found on this site in their entirety) with a fourth project right around the corner. The rapid release cycle often only found in signed artists, is all part of a plan to aggressively spread his word through a genre of music that is begging for someone who speaks their mind, and most importantly: from the heart.

  • 01. Reflection

  • 02. Born Here

  • 03. Forevermind

  • 04. Cloud

  • 05. Dream or Real

  • 06. Comfortable

  • 07. The Loft

  • 08. The Saying / The Fall

  • 09. Left It At

  • 10. My Funeral

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The Collection

Almost Famous

March 2012

1. Intro
2. Sick At It
3. Almost Famous
4. Madison Love
5. Head Is Always High
6. Change
7. So High
8. Success At My Door
9. Focus On Tomorrow
10. Been A Problem
11. Real Rap
12. Women All Over
13. Hands Down
14. Time Is Moving Fast
15. Winnin'
16. Follow Me

Made Man

March 2013

1. Intro
2. Got It
3. Grindin'
4. Made Man
5. Driese Gang Girls
6. Bright Lights, Big City
7. I Got You feat. The Weeknd
8. Interlude
9. Whatcha Thinkin'
10. Hope You Know That
11. Knew What You Got Part 1
12. For the Money
13. Never Give Up
14. Time Doesn't Last Forever
15. Knew What You Got Part 2
16. Heartthrob
17. Outro


October 2013

1. Crystal Blue
2. Warm Cashmere & Woods
3. The Difference
4. The Play
5. Purple Rain
6. Take Over
7. Halfway There
8. Leaves
9. In Love In October
10. 26
11. Offer On The Table
12. She Knows
13. Aubtober
14. Allugotta